Sophie worked hard to achieve her dream of teaching dance. Unlike most dancers who began at a young age, she began her dance career at the age of 20. The first instructors to strongly influence Sophie were Irina Boubnovskaia, Eugene Katsevman, Max Kozhevnikov, Jose Decamps & Joanna Zacharewicz. With her extensive dance background, hidden talent, and rapidly developing skills, she started teaching in 2007. Now, she offers her expertise to other dance teachers through articles she writes for a journal for dance professionals.

What do her students say about her?

Sophia is a very talented dancer and dedicated dance instructor and she reflects that when conducting her classes. She takes the time to be sure you not only learn the dance steps but gives you the tools to make the dance work better and we have fun doing it. If Sophia sees you struggling with a dance step she will take you aside on an individual basis to be sure you get it right. She makes the class fun and you get a great workout while learning to dance.

Bob & Afro B.

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